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Drought (Asia)

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Drought (Asia)

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* -- Four Centuries of Drought Reconstruction in the Western Chinese Loess Plateau

* -- A Three-Century Record of Drought in Nepal

* -- A Three-Century-Long Record of Drought in the Eastern Tian Shan, China

* -- Two Centuries of Drought in Arid Central Asia

* -- A 500-Year Precipitation Reconstruction for Eastern China

* -- A 230-Year Record of Drought in Kazakhstan

* -- Two Thousand Years of Drought in Central Mongolia

* -- Millennial Moisture Variability on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

* -- Placing the 2013 Summer Drought of Southern China in the Proper Perspective

* -- One Thousand Years of Drought on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau

* -- An 850-Year Hydroclimatic History of Northwestern China

* -- Three-and-a-Half Centuries of Drought in Southwest China

* -- Two Centuries of Moisture Trends on the Eastern Mongolian Plateau

* -- Three Decades of Drought on the Huang Huai Hai Plain of China

* -- A Thousand-Year Drought History of China's Qilian Mountains

* -- Two Centuries of Drought on the Eastern Mongolian Plateau

* -- A 300-Year Record of Drought in the Chinese Loess Plateau

Drought in China Since 1950

The Megadroughts of Monsoon Asia

Two Centuries of Precipitation and Drought Data from Seoul, Korea

Chinese Locust Plagues of the Past Millennium

Flood and Drought Variability in China's Yangtze Delta

The Indian Summer Monsoon

A Long-Term Hydrologic History of West-Central Mongolia

Historical Floods and Droughts in the Yangtze Delta

Discharge Rates of the Danube River

800 Years of Siberian Climate

Climate Cycles in China as Revealed by a Stalagmite from Buddha Cave

Reconstructions of Spring Precipitation in Southwestern Turkey from 1339 to 1998

Looking for Evidence of Global Warming in Asia-Pacific River Runoff Data