How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Biospheric Productivity (Global: The Recent Past)

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Biospheric Productivity (Global: The Recent Past)
Greening of the Earth (Global: The Recent Past)
Productivity (Biosphere: Global, The Recent Past)

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* -- Further Evidence the CO2 Fertilization Effect is Presently Enhancing Global Vegetative Productivity

* -- Long-term Trends in Global Gross Primary Productivity

* -- Models Underestimate the Positive Impact of CO2 on Gross Primary Production

* -- The Change in Global Gross Primary Production Between 2000 and 2014

* -- Recent Trends in Terrestrial Gross and Net Primary Productivity

* -- The Positive Impact of Fossil Fuel Use on Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity

* -- Elevated CO2 is Enhancing Global Terrestrial Net Ecosystem Production

* -- The Stimulation of Global Terrestrial Gross Primary Production by Humanity's Enrichment of the Atmosphere's CO2 Concentration

* -- Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity Increased by 31 Percent Over the Past Century

* -- A CO2-Induced Global Stimulation of Terrestrial Carbon Uptake and Water Use Efficiency

* -- A Half-century Increase in Global Terrestrial Net Primary Production Driven Primarily by Rising Atmospheric CO2

* -- Terrestrial Carbon Uptake Slows Growth Rate of Atmospheric CO2

* -- Elevated CO2: A Key Driver of Global Greening Observations

* -- The Unstoppable CO2-Induced Greening of the Earth Continues

* -- A Quarter-Century of Carbon Sequestration in Global Grasslands

* -- Three Decades of Global Vegetation Land Cover Change

* -- Three Decades of Global Greening of Earth's Terrestrial Surfaces

* -- Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Reducing Its Own Greenhouse Effect

* -- Two Decades of Global Dryland Vegetation Change

* -- Earth's Hyperventilating Biosphere

* -- Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Plants of Warm and Dry Regions

* -- Measuring and Modeling Global Vegetation Growth: 1982-2009

Earth's Land and Water Surfaces: Net Sources or Sinks for CO2?

Terrestrial "Greening" and "Browning" in Time and Space

The Global Land Carbon Sink

The Green(leaf)ing of the Earth Continues

Terrestrial Plant Responses to Global Warming

The Carbon Sink Efficiency of the Earth

Global Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity: 2000-2009 and Beyond

Tropical Forests and Earth's Changing Atmosphere

Two Decades of Northern Hemispheric Greening

Global Forest Productivity Since the Mid-20th Century

The Greening of the Earth: 1982-1999

Global Greening Trends

Global Terrestrial Carbon Uptake in the 1980s and 90s

Forest Growth Rates

Global Vegetative Productivity: Its Response to the "Twin Evils" of High Air Temperatures and CO2 Concentrations

The Response of Earth's Biosphere to Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature Trends: 1981-2000

Interannual Fluctuations of the Air's CO2 Concentration

Tropical Forest "Weirdness" in Costa Rica

Global Terrestrial Productivity in the Last Decades of the 20th Century

Fertilizing the Earth with CO2

Decreasing Diurnal Temperature Range: Sign of Global Warming or Greening of the Earth?

Terrestrial Biosphere Heals Itself