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Antarctic Sea Ice

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Antarctic (Sea Ice)
Ice (Sea Ice: Antarctic)
Sea Ice (Antarctic)
Ice (Antarctica: Sea Ice)

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* -- Further Confirmation Southern Ocean Sea Ice is Expanding

* -- Sea Ice Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere: Another Reason to Abandon Federal Global Warming Policy

* -- The Increasing Sea Ice of the Southern Ocean (1992-2008)

* -- Antarctic Sea Ice Trends in a Supposedly Global Warming World

* -- A Review of the Record 2013 Southern Hemispheric Sea-Ice Extent

A Satellite History of Sea Ice Extent in the Southern Hemisphere

Update on Remotely-Sensed Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Landfast Sea Ice Extent Along the East Antarctic Coast

Another Negative Feedback to Curtail Global Warming

Thirty Years of Antarctic Snow and Ice Melt

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent and Area: 1979-2006

Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Trends

Antarctic Ice-Sheet and Sea-Ice Albedo and Temperature: 1981-2000

Update on Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Sea Ice (1979-2002)

Trends in Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Trends in Southern Ocean Sea-Ice Season

A Twenty-Year Record of Changes in Antarctic Sea Ice

Antarctic Sea-Ice Trends

Antarctic Sea Ice Trends

Recent Trends in Antarctic Sea Ice Extent