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Health Effects of Temperature (Hot vs. Cold Weather: Asia)

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Health Effects (Temperature: Hot vs. Cold Weather - Asia)
Temperature (Health Effects: Hot vs. Cold Weather - Asia)
Mortality (Hot vs. Cold Weather - Asia)

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* -- Exploration of Temperature-related Human Mortality in China

* -- Assessing the Relative Risk of Temperature-related Mortality in Kuwait

* -- Temperature-related Mortality Risk in Iran

* -- Temperature-related Human Mortality in Taiwan

* -- Recent Observations of Temperature-related Mortality in India

* -- Population Adaptation to Heat Waves, But Not Cold Spells, in Korea and Japan

* -- The Relationship Between Diurnal Temperature Range and Mortality in Hefei, China

* -- Declining Heat-related Mortality in Three Northeast Asian Countries

* -- The Impact of Cold Spells on Human Mortality in China

* -- The Relationship Between Temperature and Emergency Department Visits in China

* -- The Relationship Between Temperature and Human Health in China

* -- The Relationship Between Temperature and Cardiac Arrest in Japan

* -- Risk of Death Due to Cold Weather is Ten Times Larger than Due to Hot Weather

* -- Temperature-Induced Emergency Transport to Japanese Hospitals

* -- Dying From Extremes of Heat and Cold in 66 Chinese Communities

* -- Declining Deaths Due to Hot and Cold Temperatures in Hong Kong

* -- Changes in Daily Extreme Temperatures on China's Loess Plateau

* -- Dying from Heat and Cold in 66 Different Chinese Communities

* -- Cooling Impacts Childhood Respiratory Tract Infections in China

* -- The Impacts of Heat and Cold Leading to Hospitalizations in Korea

Real-World Warming and Its Impact on Human Mortality in China

Daily Mean Temperature and Adult Asthma in Shanghai, China

Freezing to Death on a Subtropical Island: Report from Tiawan

The Impact of Global-Warming-Induced Diurnal Temperature Range Reduction on Hospital Emergency Room Admissions in Beijing, China

Dying from Heat and Cold in China: Which is the Greater Killer?

Changes in Diurnal Temperature Range and Human Mortality

Meteorology and Mortality in Rural Bangladesh

Dying from Heat and Cold in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dying from Particulate Air Pollution on Hot and Cold Days in Shanghai, China

Temperature Effects on Hospital Admissions in Shanghai, China

Effects of Diurnal Temperature Range on Human Mortality

Deaths Due to Heat: The Shanghai Experience

The Mortality-Temperature Relationship of People Living and Dying in Shanghai, China

Sudden Cardiac Death in Israel: The Influence of Temperature