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Forests (Modern Growth Trends)

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Forests (Modern Growth Trends)
Trees (Forests: Modern Growth Trends)


* -- Three Centuries of European Mixed Mountain Forest Growth

* -- More Evidence that Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature Benefit Earth's Forests

* -- Assessing the Likely Future Status of Forests in the United States

* -- Assessing the Global Extent of Drought-Induced Forest Dieback

* -- The Accelerating Growth Rates of Central European Forest Stands

* -- Mid- and High-Latitude Forests Respond to Environmental Change

* -- Cave-Air CO2 and Forest Growth: Some Interesting Correlations

* -- Accelerating Growth Rates of British Colombia (Canada) Forests

* -- One Hundred Years of European Forest Stand Dynamics

* -- The European-Wide and Holocene-Long Growth Rates of Fir Trees

* -- The Increasing Water-Use Efficiencies of Temperate and Boreal Forests of the Northern Hemisphere Over the Past Two Decades

Scots Pine Stands of Estonia Are Growing Ever Better Nowadays

Tree Growth in the Swedish Sub-Arctic: Setting New Records

As the World Warms: Trees and Shrubs Proliferating in Sweden

Same-Age Growth Rates of Currently Old and Young Spruce Trees

The Last Half of 20th-Century European Forest Growth

The Increasing Prowess of a Stand of Danish Beech Trees

Old Trees Refusing to Retire

Old Trees Doing it Better than Young Trees: Responding to CO2

U.S. Mid-Atlantic Temperate Forest Growth Over the 20th Century

Chinese Forests to the End of the 21st Century

Late 20th-Century Acceleration in the Growth of Greek Fir Trees

Finland's Managed Boreal Forests

Trees and Their Roots in a Changing World

Norway Spruce Forests of Northern Austria

Earth's Forests: Carbon Sinks of the Future? Or Not!

World's Northernmost Forest Becoming More Robust

South African Indigenous Forest: Its Response to Late 20th-Century Environmental Change

The Monsoon Rainforests of Northern Australia

Global Forest Productivity Since the Mid-20th Century

Four Decades of Russian Forest Growth