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Floods (Europe)

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Floods (Europe)

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* -- No Evidence of an Anthropogenic Influence on Floods

* -- A Two-hundred Year Analysis of Lithuanian Floods

* -- Placing Recent Flooding in Britain in a Historical Context

* -- Solar Activity Modulates the Frequency of Central European Floods

* -- A 2,000 Year Record of Hydrologic Variability for Northern Italy

* -- Five Decades of Floods and Flood Risk in the Po River Basin of Italy

* -- Cold-Season Storms and Extreme River Flooding in Belarus

* -- Catastrophic Floods of Dartmoor, South West England

* -- Floods of the European Alps

Four Decades of Increasing Monetary Losses from Floods in Spain

Paleofloods of the Mediterranean French Alps

Extreme Precipitation and Flooding Events in the Mediterranean French Alps

More Floods for Central Europe in a Warming World?

Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events

Flood Trends of German Rivers

A Century of River Discharge Rates in Finland

A 450-Year History of Flooding in Southern Germany

Floods of Switzerland Over the Past Five Centuries

Floods of the Guadalentin River, Southeast Spain

Flooding in Switzerland Since 1850

The Rising Cost of European Floods

Gullies Galore in Slovakia

Erosive Rainfall Anomalies of Southern Italy

High-Flow and Flood Trends of UK Rivers

Hydrological Extremes of France

Winter Floods of the Vistula River

Extreme Floods of Southern France

Extreme Floods of Southwest Germany

Floods of Northeast Spain Since the Fourteenth Century

A Holocene History of Flooding in Great Britain

Five Hundred Years of Extreme Floods in Central Europe

Two Centuries of Runoff and Floods in Sweden

Extreme Floods of Central Europe

Question: When Is a Record Flood Not a Record Flood?

Extreme Weather Events in Europe During the Holocene

Historical Flooding in Norway

Future Forests May Frustrate Future Floods

Coastal Flooding on the Decrease in France