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Coastal Flooding on the Decrease in France
Pirazzoli, P.A.  2000.  Surges, atmospheric pressure and wind change and flooding probability on the Atlantic coast of France.  Oceanologica Acta 23: 643-661.

What was done
The author analyzed tide-gauge and meteorological (wind and atmospheric pressure) data over the period 1951-1997 for the northern portion of the Atlantic coast of France.

What was learned
It was discovered that the number of atmospheric depressions (storms) and strong surge winds for this region "are becoming less frequent" and that "ongoing trends of climate variability show a decrease in the frequency and hence the gravity of coastal flooding" over the period of study.

What it means
As suggested by the author, the results of this analysis should be "reassuring," especially for those concerned about coastal flooding.  But reassuring they are not for the climate alarmists, who continue to cling to model predictions of increased storminess and coastal flooding in the face of the growing body of observational evidence that suggests that the world just doesn't operate that way (see, for example, the many entries under the various topics listed under the heading Extreme Weather in our Subject Index).