How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Coral Reefs (Responses to Temperature Stress: Thermal Adaptation)

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Coral Reefs (Responses to Temperature Stress: Thermal Adaptation)

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* -- Rapid Adaptation of a Coral Symbiont Algae to Temperature Stress

* -- A Review of Coral Thermal Tolerance Abilities

* -- Proof that Corals are Adapting to Warming Temperatures

* -- Coral Calcification in the Face of Large Temperature Variations

* -- How Well Equipped to Tolerate Climate Change Are Octocoralss

* -- Coral Immune Response to Physical Damage in Warmed Seawater

* -- Rapid Acclimation of a Reef-building Coral to Temperature Stress

* -- Rapid Adaptation of a Reef-building Coral to Temperature Stress

* -- The Challenges of a Putative Alien Coral in the Mediterranean Sea

Reef-Building Corals Acclimating to Elevated Water Temperatures

Cold-Water Corals Feeling Laboratory Heat ... and Loving It!

The Repetitive Bleaching of Corals: Can Any Good Come from It?

Corals Moving Northward in the Western Mediterranean Seas

Hot-Water Climate-Change Refugia for Corals?

If Temperatures Rise, Can Earth's Corals Take the Heat?

Acclimatization of Corals to Thermal Stress

Short-Term Heating Helps Corals Survive Greater Long-Term Warming

Challenges of Corals Living in the World's Warmest Reefs

Live Coral Cover on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Tropical Reef Corals Responding to Warming

Effects of Habitat on Coral Bleaching

Coral Hosts Can Evolve to Cope with Global Warming

Recurrent Bleaching and Storms Need Not Spell "the End" for Earth's Corals

Coral Reefs and Climate Change: Unproved Assumptions

High-Temperature Tolerance in Corals

Acclimation to Thermal Stress in Reef-Building Corals

Coral Reef Status Two Decades After Massive 1982-83 El Niño-Induced Mortality

More Hope for Corals in a Warming World

El Niño Warming: Effects on Costa Rican Corals

The Resiliency of the Reef-Flat Corals of Ko Phuket, Thailand

* -- To Bleach or Not to Bleach, That Is Only Half the Question of Coral Reef Response to Global Warming

Heat-Shock Proteins and Coral Bleaching