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Arctic Sea Ice (Extent)

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Arctic (Sea Ice: Extent)
Ice (Sea Ice: Arctic - Extent)
Sea Ice (Arctic: Extent)

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* -- Three Decades of Sea Ice Cover Trends in the Bohai Sea

* -- Primary Production in the Bering Sea

* -- Yearly Sea-Ice Breakup in Western Hudson Bay

* -- Holocene Fluctuations in Arctic Sea-Ice Cover

* -- Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Trends

* -- Declining Arctic Sea Ice: Has a "Tipping Point" Been Passed?

* -- North and South Polar Sea Ice Extents

* -- A 250-Year Ice-Edge History of the Nordic Seas

* -- Biological Impacts of Increasing Sea Ice in Baffin Bay and Adjacent Waters

* -- Arctic Sea Ice Behavior

* -- Arctic Ocean Sea-Ice Coveragea

* -- Baffin Bay Narwhals: Their Response to 20th-Century Climate Change

Mass Balance of the Largest Ice Cap in the Eurasian Arctic

A Century of Change in Arctic Sea Ice

Trends in Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Nordic Sea-Ice Variations: The Need for a Proper Perspective in Attempting to Explain Them

Record Minimum Arctic Sea Ice in 2002

Polar Amplification of Global Warming

Arctic Sea Ice Trends

Winter in the Northern Baltic Sea

The Odden Ice Tongue of the Greenland Sea

A 1000-Year Record of Spring Sea Ice Conditions in Baffin Bay

A Step Change in Baltic Sea Ice Extent

Climate Variability in the Arctic

Arctic Sea Ice: Is It Being "Transformed"?

Arctic Sea Ice: In Retreat?  Due to Global Warming?  Caused by CO2?