Learn how plants respond to higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations

How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Do Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policies Compromise Food Security?

The Politics of Climate Change Legislation

Do Scientists Suppress Uncertainty in the Climate Change Debate?

The Irrational Legacy of COP21

When it Comes to Climate Change, President Obama and Other World Leaders Could Benefit from a Little Common Sense

What the World Needs Now ...

Expanding the Biosphere's Limits to Growth

Marine Reserves May Ameliorate the Negative Consequences of Both Local and Global Stressors of Sea Life

A Perversion of Science?

The Future of the Brazilian Amazon

Two-and-a-Half Millennia of European Climate Variability and Societal Responses

The Unholy Struggle to Curtail Global Warming

Climatic Change Effects on Earth's Biosphere

The Costs of Free Energy

Senate Energy Bills Spell Disaster for What Yet Remains of 'Wild Nature'

Fighting Climate Change is "for the Birds"

Reactive Nitrogen in the Biosphere: Too Little or Too Much?

Ed Miliband's "War on Climate Sceptics"

Sugarcane Production in Southern Brazil

Does the United States Need a National Climate Science Authority?

Tropospheric Humidity and CO2-Induced Global Warming

The "Flight of the Phoenix" Revisited

Climate Change in Copenhagen

Your "Carbon Legacy"

The Rantings of James Hansen: Hubris Unparalleled

Recent Greenhouse "Wisdom" from the Pages of the Medical Journal of Australia

The American Geophysical Union's Official Position on Global Warming

Concerning the Current Consensus on Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide: A Vital Atmospheric Resource Under Siege

Sustainable Well-Being and Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Global Dimming and Brightening

Glacial Retreat on Kilimanjaro

Kirill Ya. Kondratyev: Our Newest Scientific and Policy Advisor

An Alternative Analysis to That of the IPCC

Stephen Schneider on The Case for Climate Change Action

The Role of Science in the CO2 Emissions Reduction Debate

The Role of the Insurance Industry in the CO2-Climate Debate

Our Reply to a Climate-Alarmist Newspaper Editorial

The 13 May 2003 Testimony of Dr. John Christy Before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Resources

TAR vs SAR: The Triumph of Storyline over Science

A Pitiable Ploy to Promote the Kyoto Protocol:The Predicted Demise of Earth's Coral Reefs

400,000 Years of Atmospheric CO2, Methane and Temperature Data: What Can They Tell Us?

North Atlantic Deep Water Production: Response to Global Warming and Feedback Implications for Climate

Volunteerism: The Only Way to Fight Global Warming

Environmental Leadership

A Diminished Kyoto Protocol

The Current and Future Status of Climate Change Science

An Unfortunate Statement from the Editor-in-Chief of Science

A Tale of Two Atmospheres

Climate Variability Over the Holocene

Elitist Leaders Out of Step with Scientific Reality

Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate: How Truth Became Controversial

The Crux of the Climate Policy Debate

Sound the Alarm Bells!

It's a Complex World: Part 3

The Bankrupt World of Carbon Currency: It's Closer Than You Think

A Dubious Climate History Lesson

The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men . . .

The Neglected Issue of the Global Change Debate: Food Security

We Think the Scientist Doth Protest Too Much

Let's Get Serious?  Let's Get Real!

Bush and Gore on Global Warming: Sizing Up the Candidates

Predictive Skill: Guess How Many Climate Models Passed the El Niņo Test?

A Two-Century History of Biospheric CO2 Exchange

Future Trends of Carbon Sequestration by the Terrestrial Biosphere

Scientist-Gods and Journalist-Prophets: In Modern-Day Climatology, the Boundaries Blur

Biospheric Carbon Sequestration: Does It Really Work?

"Noticed the Weather Lately?"

Carbon Dioxide - The Straw Man of the Alternative Energy Crowd

What Consensus?

Is It Science or Politics?

"Human Contribution to Climate Change Remains Questionable"

Turning Off the Heat: Why America Must Double Energy Efficiency to Save Money and Reduce Global Warming

The Heat is On: The Climate Crisis, The Cover-Up, The Prescription

Caution and Credibility in the Debate Over Global Change: A Strange Mix of Science and Politics

State of Union Speech Ill Reflects State of Nature

Is Al Gore's stand on the issue backed by sound scientific data?