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Growth Response to CO2 (Forests)

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Forests (Growth Response to CO2)
Trees (Forests: Growth Response to CO2)

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- Western Juniper Response to Increasing Temperature, Drought and CO2

* -- The Response of Four Woody Ecosystems to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- The Greening of Sub-Saharan Africa

* -- Modern Trends in Productivity and Intrinsic Water Use Efficiency Reported From Two European Forests

* -- Further Empirical Proof Elevated CO2 is Benefitting Earths Forests

* -- More Evidence that Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature Benefit Earth's Forests

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 and Nutrients on the Growth of Mangroves

* -- The Growth & Water Use Efficiency of Two Tree Species Since 1850

* -- Leaf Carbon Gain by a Tree Seedling in a Tropical Rain Forest

Future Forest Ecosystems of the U.S. Northern Great Lakes Region

Rising Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and "Woody Thickening"

How Much Heat Can Amazon Tree Species Take and Still Survive?

Effects of Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions on the Growth and Water Use Efficiency of Western U.S. Ponderosa Pine Trees

Overcoming Photoinhibition in a Tropical Tree Species

Old Trees Refusing to Retire

Old Trees Doing it Better than Young Trees: Responding to CO2

Real-World Increase in Air's CO2 Content Has Accelerated Growth of Natural Aspen Stands

Chinese Forests to the End of the 21st Century

The Growth of Scots Pines in Northeast Spain

Late 20th-Century Acceleration in the Growth of Greek Fir Trees

Forest Response to Predicted CO2-Induced Climate Change in the Tianshan Mountains of China

20th-Century Accelerated Growth of Longleaf Pine Trees: A Belated Review of a Paper Published in 1993

Effects of Fossil Fuel Combustion on Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Effects of a Warming, Drying and CO2-Accreting Atmosphere on European Forest Productivity

Update on Tropical Forest Productivity

The Net Primary Productivity Response of Earth's Temperate Forests to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

A 100-Year Forward Look at Net Ecosystem Carbon Exchange of an Upland-Oak Forest

Continued Accelerated Growth of Amazonian Forests

Forest Growth Rates

The Productivity of a Beijing Oak Forest

The Photosynthetic Response of Poplar Trees to CO2 Enrichment from the Seedling Stage to Maturity

Response of a Tropical Legume Tree to Elevated CO2

Effects of Elevated Air Temperature and CO2 Concentration on Nordic Trees

Effects of Climate Change and Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on the Growth of Aleppo Pines in Southeast France

Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Mature Sweetgum Stand

Rising CO2 Concentrations and European Trees

Forest Response to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: The Duke FACE Experiment

Industrial Age Leading to the Greening of the Earth?

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Pine Tree Seeds

Respiratory Responses of Loblolly Pine and Sweetgum to Elevated CO2

Carbon Sequestration in CO2-Enriched Forest Understory Trees

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Root Dynamics in a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

World’s First Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Study of a Stand of Sweetgum Trees

French Forests Respond (Positively, of Course) to Historical Increase in Atmospheric CO2

Long-Term Growth Response of Ponderosa Pine Trees to Elevated CO2 and Nitrogen

Forests Are Reclaiming Norwegian Mountain Slopes

Photosynthetic Responses of Four Hardwood Trees to Elevated CO2

Gallery Forest Expansion in Kansas

* -- The Future of Forests

Plant Growth and Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Model Calculations Based on Empirical Observations

Photosynthetic Response of Sun and Shade Leaves to Elevated CO2

Seasonal Photosynthetic Response of Pine to Elevated CO2

Initial Response of a Forest Ecosystem to Elevated CO2

* -- Critical Assessment of the Response of Forest Ecosystems to Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Part I

* -- Critical Assessment of the Response of Forest Ecosystems to Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Part II

* -- European Forests and Global Change: The Likely Impacts of Rising CO2 and Temperature

Effects of CO2 on Temperate Forest Regeneration

Does Global Warming Enhance CO2 Sequestration