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Antarctica (Temperature)

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Antarctica (Temperature)

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* -- The Antarctic Peninsula: No Longer the Canary in the Coal Mine for Climate Alarmists

* -- Three Centuries of New Climate Change Data for West Antarctica

Recent Warming of the Antarctic Peninsula

Recent Temperature Trends of Antarctica's Western Ross Sea

* -- Nearly Half a Millennium of Antarctic Temperatures

* -- Modeled Warming-Induced Changes in Oceanic DMS Production

Antarctic Temperature and Snowfall in a Warming World

Antarctic Ice-Sheet and Sea-Ice Albedo and Temperature: 1981-2000

Antarctic Temperatures: 1958-2002

The Medieval and Roman Warm Periods in Antarctica

Antarctic Temperatures of the Past Two Centuries

* -- Effects of Antarctic Cooling on Diatoms in Glacial Meltwater Streams

* -- Winter Warming of the Antarctic Troposphere

Antarctic Temperature Trends

A Roman Warm Period on East Antarctica's Windmill Islands?

* -- Temperature History of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Antarctic Sea Ice (1979-2002)

* -- The Canary in the Coal Mine: Singing a Song of Something But Certainly Not CO2

* -- Is Stratospheric Ozone Loss Driving Antarctic Cooling?

The Last Thousand Years of Climate Change in Antarctica

Temperature Trends in Antarctica

Sediment Record of the Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula

The Holocene Climate of the Antarctic Peninsula

The Little Ice Age at the Bottom of the World

Antarctic Temperature Trends

Thirty-Five Years of Climate Change in Antarctica

Are Climate Models Up to the Challenge Required of Them?

The Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature Records of Dome Concordia, Antarctica

Penguins and Climate Change:Some Like It (Relatively) Hot

Simulated Climate Change on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet

Antarctic Sea Ice Trends

CO2 and Temperature: Who Leads the Dance of the Geophysical Parameters?

Antarctic Plants Thrive in Warmer Temperatures

Recent Trends in Antarctic Surface Temperatures

Recent Trends in Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Penguins and Polar Climate