How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Biospheric Productivity (Asia: China, Country-Wide)

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Biospheric Productivity (Asia: China, Country-Wide)
Greening of the Earth (Asia: China, Country-Wide)
Productivity (Biosphere: Asia, China -- Country-Wide)

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* -- Three Decades of NPP Increase in Coastal China

* -- Gross Primary Productivity Trends in China (1982-2015)

* -- Three Full Decades of CO2-Induced Vegetative Greening in China

* -- How the Grasslands of China Changed from 1982 to 2010

* -- A Quarter-Century of Large-Scale Vegetation Changes in China

* -- Vegetative Growth in China: It's Response to Climate Stressors

The Greening of China as Seen from Satellites

The Terrestrial Carbon Balance of East Asia

Carbon Sequestration in China Over the Past Century

Carbon Sequestration in Ecosystems Across China

China: Getting Greener (In the Good Sense)

China's Net Primary Productivity: 1982 to 1999

Chinese Agricultural Productivity in a Warmer, Wetter World

Net Primary Production in China is on the Rise