How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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* -- A Global Warming Hiatus in Northeast China

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: Boon or Bane of the Biosphere?

Helping Feed the Future World: Earthworms in CO2-Enriched Air

The Future of Wheat Production on the North China Plain

Breeding Cultivars of Rice for a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World

Rice Cultivar Responses to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Food Security in a Changing Climate: A Back-to-Basics Approach

Divining Future Winter Wheat Yields in the United Kingdom

Effects of Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Warming on Rice Growth

Population Growth, Atmospheric Change and Global Food Security

Field-Scale Impacts of Elevated CO2 on the World's Major Crops

Expanding the Biosphere's Limits to Growth

Carbon Dioxide and Cassava: Feeding the World's Undernourished

Let Them Eat Bugs!

The Future of Brazilian Biofuel Production

Feeding the World Four Decades from Now

Climate Change and Large-Scale Human Crises

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Extreme Low-Temperature Events During Northeast China's Warm Season

Humanity's Future: Will There Be Enough Water ... to Grow Enough Food?

Impacts of Biofuel Feedstock Harvesting in Tallgrass Prairies

Meeting the Food Needs of a Growing World Population

Is There a Need for a More Sustainable Agriculture?

Effects of Extra Cadmium and CO2 on the Growth of Pasture Plants

Pasture and Rangeland Responses to Rising CO2 Concentrations and Projected Changes in Climate

Future Forecasts of Food, Feed and Fuel Needs

Rising Temperatures and Food-Borne Illnesses

The Prospects for Increased Pigeon Pea Production in India

Earth's Freshwater Resources of the Past Two Millennia

Food Security: The Real Planetary Problem

The World's Looming Food and Water Shortage

Surviving the Perfect Storm

The Large-Scale Production of Biofuels in a Food-Insecure World

The Changing Climate of Canada: Implications for Agriculture

Feeding the Future World

Feeding the World in 2050

Senate Energy Bills Spell Disaster for What Yet Remains of 'Wild Nature'

CO2- and Climate-Induced Effects on Terrestrial Plant Production

Rice Production and the Looming Water Crisis

Will Global Warming Reduce Crop Yields?

Effects of Post-1980 Warming on Cropping Systems in China

The Future of Life on Earth: What to Do about CO2

FACE-Based Crop Responses to Projected CO2 and Climate Changes in Germany

Fat Folks Beware!

Rice Production in China

Aquatic Herbivores in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future

Super Rice to Match Super Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Climate and Population Change in China

On the Importance of Land

The Indian Summer Monsoon

Catastrophic Hydrologic Events of the Holocene in the Middle Reaches of China's Yellow River

Floods, Forests, Food and Biofuels

Biofuels as Religious Fodder

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Plant-Herbivore Interactions

Future Rice Yields in India

The Gospel According to Sir John ...

Invasive Interventions to Reduce Humanity's CO2 Emissions

The Properties of Clouds at All Altitudes

Global Warming and Chinese Food Security

The Most Important Fodder Crop of the Arid and Semi-Arid Tropics

Breeding Food Crops to Take Advantage of Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Growth Histories of Temperate Forest Lianas

Carbon Dioxide: A Vital Atmospheric Resource Under Siege

Direct Effect of CO2 vs. Indirect Effect of Projected CO2-Induced Climate Change on Rice Productivity in China

The Impact of Predicted Future Warming on Perennial Crop Yields in California, USA

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Spring Wheat Yields in a Semi-Arid Region of China

The Impact of Recent Warming on Global Crop Yields

Sustainable Well-Being and Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Long on Hype, Short on Facts: FACE vs. non-FACE Studies of Plant Growth Responses to CO2

Five Centuries of Drought and Famine in Central Mexico

Can the World Produce 40% More Rice by 2030?

Biospheric Breakdown: What We Must Do to Prevent It?

Will Farming Destroy Wild Nature?

Ozone's Negative Impact on Grain Production in Asia: Can CO2 Help?

A Concerned Citizen Expresses His Views on the Fossil Fuel Industry and Scientific Research

Little Ice Age Famines of Japan

Effects of Elevated CO2 on the Quantity and Quality of Strawberry Fruit

Plant Micronutrient Concentrations in a CO2-Enriched World

Free Radical Scavenging Capacities of Winter Wheat

Semi-Natural Grassland Responses to Elevated CO2

Does Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Protect Soybeans Against Ozone Damage?

Digestibility of Pasture Forage Is Enhanced by Elevated CO2

Drought and War in Old Mexico

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: Just What the Food Doctor Ordered!

African Food Security: The Need for a "Doubly Green Revolution"

Protein Power: Much Ado About a Gram or Two

Feeding Humanity to Help Save Natural Ecosystems: The Role of the Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentration

Two Crises of Unbelievable Magnitude: Can We Prevent One Without
Exacerbating the Other?

The Importance of Knowledge to Environmental Policy

The Most Important Global Change

The Neglected Issue of the Global Change Debate: Food Security

Will There Be Enough Food?

In Search of the Second "Green Revolution"