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Floods (North America)

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Floods (North America)

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* -- Searching for an Anthropogenic Signal in East Coast Flood Events

* -- No Evidence of an Anthropogenic Influence on Floods

* -- The Long-term Variability of Floods and Droughts in California

* -- 576 Years of Droughts and Floods Along Utah's Wasatch Front

* -- Floods Across the United States: Trends of the Last Century

Floods of the Upper Midwest United States: A 75-Year History

Floods of the Eastern United States

Extreme Paleofloods of the Southwestern United States

Trends in the Timing and Magnitude of Canadian Floods

New England Flood Risk

Floods of the Mississippi River System

Holocene Floods and Climate of Northeastern Utah, USA

A 300-Year Multi-Proxy Hydro-Ecological Record from Spruce Island Lake, Canada

Flooding and Drought in the US Northern Great Plains

Cyclical Flooding in California, USA

Five Hundred Years of Drought and Wetness in the United States

A Thousand Years of Precipitation in the Southwestern USA

A 4000-Year Record of Climate Change in Southern Alberta, Canada

Thirteen Thousand Years of Storminess in the Northeastern United States

Floods and Droughts: How Bad Can They Get?

A Century of Great Plains Precipitation

Precipitation and Streamflow in the Rio Puerco Basin of New Mexico: The Past 50 Years

Soil Erosion Rates in the Upper Mississippi River Valley

Was the 1997 Red River "Flood of the Century" Caused by Global Warming?

Climate Variability and Flood Frequency

Megafloods of the Mississippi River

Streamflow Trends in the United States