How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Evolution (Response to Warming)

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Evolution (Response to Warming)

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How Predators May Modify Evolution of Their Prey to Warming

Plant Engineering to Improve Thermotolerance in Rice and Tomatoes

Abilities of Tropical Montane Plants to Cope with Global Warming

The Rapid Evolution of Thermal Tolerance in a Warming World

Do Small Populations Inhibit a Species Adaptability to Warming?

A Recipe for the Survival of a Species of Frogs in a Warming World

Between-Generation Adjustments to Heat Stress in a Soil Arthropod

Tropical Ectotherms Avoid Extinction in a Warming Environment

There's More Than One Way for Fruit Flies to Beat the Heat

A Climate-Change-Induced Phenological Mismatch in a Wild Bird

A Phenological Mismatch Between a Wild Bird and Its Food Source

Developmental Thermal Acclimation in a Species of Damselfish

Changes in Avian Migration Timing: Phenotypic Plasticity or Microevolution?

Thermal History Impacts Thermal Tolerance of Freshwater Mussels

Microevolution in Alaskan Pink Salmon in Response to Warming

Red Squirrel Responses to Regional Warming: Plastic or Genetic?

Geographically Central and Peripheral Populations of Tropical Rainforest Lizards

The Thermal Optimality of Entire Ecosystems

Evolution as the Basis for Coping with Climate Change

Probing Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change in Arctic-Alpine Plants

Evolutionary Response to Environmental Change in Sockeye Salmon

Palaeoecology Reveals Real-World Biotic Responses to Global Warming

Genetic Adaptation to Warming Revealed in Study of Water Fleas

Ecological Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Thoughts on Species' Abilities to Survive Rapid Climate Change

Natural Selection in a Species of Fruit Fly

Warming-Induced Microevolution in Tawny Owls

Global Warming-Induced Hybridization in Flying Squirrels

Climate and the Origin and Demise of Species

Thermal Plasticity in Swedish Pool Frogs

Could Alpine Plants Survive Significant Global Warming?

Coral Hosts Can Evolve to Cope with Global Warming

Water Fleas and Global Warming

Alpine Plants Threatened with Warming-Induced Extinction

Genetic Adaptation to Extreme Environmental Change

Evolutionary Response to Heat Shock