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Drought (North America: Western United States)

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Drought (North America: Western United States)

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* -- Has Human Induced Climate Change Caused California Drought?

* -- The Long-term Variability of Floods and Droughts in California

* -- How Unusual was the California Nevada Drought of 2012-2015?

* -- California's Most Recent Drought: Due to Recent Climate Change?

* -- Assessing the Uniqueness of the California Drought of 2012-2014

* -- 576 Years of Droughts and Floods Along Utah's Wasatch Front

* -- Two Thousand Years of Cyclical Drought in New Mexico, USA

North American Mega-Droughts and Global Mega-Warming

Medieval Droughts of the Western United States

Droughts of Southwestern North America: Past and Present

New Streamflow Records of Upper Colorado River Tributaries

Droughts of the Northwestern U.S. Snake River Basin

Of Droughts and Megadroughts in North America

Climate and Beavers in Yellowstone National Park (USA)

Perfect Droughts of Southern California (USA)

The Paleoclimate of the USA's San Francisco Bay Watershed

Six Centuries of Drought in the Uinta Mountains of Utah (USA)

The Turn-of-the-20th-Century North American Drought

The Upper Colorado River Basin (USA) Super-Megadrought of the Mid-1100s

Native Americans and the Medieval Warm Period

Colorado Streamflow: Its Past and Likely Future

A Brief History of Upper Colorado River Basin Streamflow

A Precipitation History of the Southwestern United States

A History of Columbia River Basin Droughts Since 1750

A Paleo-Perspective on Western U.S. Droughts

Yearly and Decadal Moisture Extremes of Northeastern Utah, USA

Precipitation History of the USA's Bighorn Basin

Western U.S. Drought-Climate Connection: A Testament to the Magnitude of the Medieval Warm Period?

A 1200-Year History of Aridity in the Western United States

A Drought History of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, USA

Droughts of the Central and Southern Rocky Mountains

A Thousand Years of Precipitation in the Southwestern USA

A 500-Year History of Drought in the Pacific Northwest, USA

A Drought History of Northern California and Nevada, USA

The Fluctuating Water Supply of the Colorado River Basin