How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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CO2-Temperature Correlations

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Carbon Dioxide (Correlations with Temperature)
Climate Change (CO2-Temperature Correlations)
Climate History (CO2-Temperature Correlations)
CO2-Temperature Correlations
Temperature (Correlations with CO2)

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* -- 500 Million Years of Unrelatedness between Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature

* -- Testing Basic Assumptions of the CO2-induced Global Warming Hypothesis

* -- More Evidence Atmospheric CO2 is NOT Earth's Temperature Control Knob

* -- Atmospheric CO2 and Global Temperature: Which Leads Which When Change Occurs?

* -- The Last Glacial Termination in Tropical Southeast Africa

* -- Southern Hemisphere Deglacial Warming and Atmospheric CO2 Increases

* -- East Siberian Arctic Temperatures of the Last Interglacial

* -- CO2, Methane and Temperature: More Insights from the Dome Concordia and Vostok Ice Cores

* -- New Antarctic Ice Core CO2 and Proxy Temperature Data

* -- Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations: AD 800-2000

* -- A New Ice Core from North Greenland

* -- Ice Core Studies Prove CO2 Is Not the Powerful Climate Driver Climate Alarmists Make It Out to Be

* -- Half a Billion Years of CO2 and Climate

* -- 400,000 Years of Atmospheric CO2, Methane and Temperature Data: What Can They Tell Us?

* -- Reconstructing Past Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations from Stomatal Density Measurements of Leaf Macrofossils

* -- The Art of Swallowing Camels Just Got a Whole Lot Harder

* -- The Climate of Central Alaska During the Last Interglacial

Variations in Atmospheric CO2, Temperature and Global Ice Volume Derived from the Vostok Ice Core

The Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature Records of Dome Concordia, Antarctica

CO2 and Temperature: Who Leads the Dance of the Geophysical Parameters?

The Pathetic Relationship Between Atmospheric CO2 and Earth's Temperature Over the Past Sixty Million Years

CO2 and Sea Level: Who Leads Who?

The "Unprecedented" Surface Air Temperature of the Past Decade

CO2 and Temperature: What Drives What?

Climate Intrigue at the Mid-Holocene

Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations in the Middle Eocene

Miocene Climate and CO2

Nearly Half a Million Years of Climate and CO2

Temperatures of the Last Millennium

CO2 and Temperature: Ice Core Correlations

CO2 and Temperature: The Great Geophysical Waltz

Warmer Temperatures at Lower CO2 Concentrations

Persistent Millennial-Scale Climate Oscillations of the Past Million-Plus Years

Probing the Climatic Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef

Comparisons of Climate and Atmospheric CO2 Changes During the Last Glacial Period