How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Birds (General)

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Animals (Birds)
Birds (General)

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- Environmental Influences on Bird Body Size and Condition

* -- A Warming Climate Enhances Bird Reproduction in Finland

* -- Thermoregulation of Bird Body Temperature by Reflecting Near-infrared Radiation

* -- Bird Behavioral Modifications to Ensure Reproductive Success

* -- Canada Geese Plastically Adjust Their Egg Laying Date to Spring Temperature

* -- Three Decades of Winter Bird Abundances in Russia

* -- Global Warming Enhances the Breeding Success of Two Boreal Forest Grouse

* -- Recent Stability of Bird Populations in the Pacific Northwest, USA

* -- Climate Warming Improves the Breeding Productivity of a European Bird

* -- Spring and Autumn Migrations of Long-Distance-Flying Birds

* -- How a Small Afrotropical Bird May Respond to Global Warming

* -- Double Broodedness of Important Bird Species of Central Poland

* -- How Birds Regulate their Body Temperatures as Climates Warm

* -- Two Decades of Changing Bird Abundances on Mt. Kilimanjaro

* -- Warming Enhances Survival of a Migratory Bird of South Africa

* -- Thermal Refugia for Birds Inhabiting the Southern Kalahari Desert

* -- Rock Ptarmigan Demonstrate How to Beat the Heat by Avoiding It

* -- Birds Evolving Tolerance to Avian Malaria in Hawai'i

* -- A Climate-Change-Induced Phenological Mismatch in a Wild Bird

* -- Plastic Responses of an Arid-Zone Passerine to Summer Warming

* -- A Phenological Mismatch Between a Wild Bird and Its Food Source

* -- Changes in Avian Migration Timing: Phenotypic Plasticity or Microevolution?

* -- Trophic Mismatches of Five Seabirds and Their Piscivorous Prey

* -- Little Auks of the Arctic: Can They Handle a Big Climate Change?

* -- The Winds of Climate Change: Altering Albatross Life-History Traits

* -- Global Warming, Graminoid Grasses, and the Grazing Geese of Greenland

* -- Food Demand and Availability for a Bird -- the Willow Tit -- of Northern Finland

* -- Responses of Black Grouse in the French Alps to Global Warming

* -- Flexibility in Destination Choice in Long-Distance Migratory Birds

* -- Breeding and Feeding Cycles in Great and Blue Tits

* -- Flocks of Birds Coping with Climate Change

* -- Breeding Birds and Wind Farms

* -- Warming-Induced Mismatches of Breeding in Insectivorous Passerine Birds and Abundance of Prey for their Hatchlings

* -- Trees, Caterpillars, Birds and Climate

* -- Birds of the Italian Alps: Their Response to Recent Warming

* -- Global Warming vs. Other Causes of Shifts in Bird Ranges

* -- Bird Biodiversity in China

* -- Alaskan Trumpeter Swans in a Warming World

* -- Birds of New York

* -- Accelerated Warming Accelerates Skylark Migrations

* -- How Birds React to Climate Change in a Primeval Temperate Forest

* -- Finnish Bird Responses to Global Warming

* -- British and Irish Seabirds

* -- Birds and Climate

* -- Responses of the Great Reed Warbler to Global Warming

* -- Changes in the Ranges of European Wading Birds

* -- How Does Climate Change Affect the Ranges of European Birds?

* -- Double Brooding in Tree Swallows

* -- Species Richness in a Central European Bird Community

* -- North American Birds in a Warming World

* -- The Future of Earth's Terrestrial Birds

* -- Birds and Global Warming: Reed Warbler

* -- Arctic-Breeding Geese

* -- Rising Temperatures and the Red-Backed Shrike

* -- European Birds Refuse to Respond to Warming as Climate Alarmists Say They Should

* -- Mediterranean Temperatures and Spring Arrival Dates of Migrating Birds in Spain

* -- Birds in Finland Respond to Global Warming

* -- The Timing of North American Spring and Autumn Bird Migrations

* -- Biological Impacts of Increasing Sea Ice in Baffin Bay and Adjacent Waters

* -- The "Beginning of the End" of the Little Ice Age: The Serin Speaks

* -- Responses of Great and Blue Tits to Regional Warming

The Medieval Warm Period in Greenland

Back from the Jaws of Extinction (Or What a Difference a Degree Makes!)

Some Birds Like It El Niņo Hot!

Penguins and Climate Change: Some Like It (Relatively) Hot

CO2 and Migratory Songbirds

Penguins and Polar Climate

The Invasion of Honey Mesquite in the Southwestern U.S.

Some (Birds) Like It Hot

Bird and Mammal Range Expansions Courtesy of Increasing Temperatures

The Opposing Impacts of Intensified Human Activities

Global Warming and Shifts in Bird Breeding Dates

Global Warming and Shifts in British Bird Ranges