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Some (Birds) Like It Hot
Saether, B.-E., Tufto, J., Engen, S., Jerstad, K., Rostad, O.W. and Skatan, J.E. 2000. Population dynamical consequences of climate change for a small temperate songbird. Science 287: 854-856.

What was done
The authors studied the responses of a small passerine songbird of southern Norway - Cinclus cinclus - to variations in mean winter temperature and total winter precipitation over a period of twenty years. After developing a model based on their observations, they determined the response of the birds to a 2.5C increase in air temperature, such as is predicted to occur by several climate models in response to a doubling of the air's CO2 concentration.

What was learned
The 2.5C increase in air temperature increased the expected Cinclus cinclus population of the region studied by 58%.

What it means
Another one of those catastrophic consequences of dreaded global warming: more melodious warbling for southern Norway!

Reviewed 1 March 2000