How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Biodiversity (General)

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Biodiversity (General)

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* -- Severe Cyclones Carving Swaths of Destruction in Tropical Forests

* -- How Rising Temperatures Impact the Biodiversity of Small Rodent

* -- Neotropical Wet Forest Diversity: More Responsive to Temperature or CO2?

* -- Lake Restoration in a Warming World

* -- Plant Diversities on Sixty-Six Warming European Mountaintops

* -- Plant Responses to Significant and Rapid Global Warming

* -- The Plant Community Composition of Canada's Southwest Yukon

* -- Biodiversity and the Multi-Functionality of Ecosystems

* -- Effects of Warming on the Terrestrial Vegetation of Antarctica

* -- Future Forecasts of Food, Feed and Fuel Needs

* -- Alpine Flora Dynamics in a Warming World

* -- Warming-Induced Vegetative Change in the Swedish Scandes

* -- Surviving the Unprecedented Climate Change of the IPCC

* -- Vascular Plant Richness on Mountain Summits of Southern Norway

* -- Not All Ecosystems Respond Dramatically to Rising Temperatures

* -- Global Warming and the Biodiversity of Small Temperate Ponds

* -- Purple Phototrophic Bacteria in Flooded Paddy Soil

* -- Bird Biodiversity in China

* -- Neotropical Tree, Shrub and Liana Species Richness

* -- Global Warming and Ecosystem Species Richness

* -- Increasing Climatic Variability

* -- Changes in the Ranges of European Wading Birds

* -- Species Richness in a Central European Bird Community

* -- Regional Biodiversity in a Warmer World

* -- British Lepidoptera Responses to Global Warming

* -- Global Warming and the Vascular Plant Species Richness of Individual Countries

* -- Predicting Species Extinctions in Response to Global Warming

* -- Regional Warming and Mountaintop Biodiversity

* -- Global Warming: Will It Cause Multiple Species Extinctions?

* -- Butterfly Biodiversity in Britain

* -- Tundra Responses to Experimental Warming

* -- Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition: Too Much or Too Little?

* -- Endangered Plants on the Road to Extinction?

* -- Species Range Responses to CO2-Induced Global Warming

* -- Biodiversity Increases in Norwegian Mountains as the Region Recovers from the Global Chill of the Little Ice Age

* -- CO2, Temperature and Biodiversity

* -- Feeding Humanity to Help Save Natural Ecosystems: The Role of the Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentration

* -- CO2 and Biodiversity: Does the Former Affect the Latter?

* -- A Bright Future for the Biosphere

* -- Two Crises of Unbelievable Magnitude: Can We Prevent One Without Exacerbating the Other?

* -- Global Warming Non-Effects on a Subalpine Ecosystem

* -- Biodiversity, Productivity and CO2

* -- Productivity and Species Richness

* -- Ecosystem Biodiversity and CO2

* -- Learning from Ants

* -- A Quarter-Century of Mollusc History in French Polynesia

* -- Biodiversity and CO2

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen on Soil Microbial Communities

* -- The Invasion of Honey Mesquite in the Southwestern U.S.

* -- Competition and Chaos: Sources of Enhanced Ecosystem Species Richness

* -- Bird and Mammal Range Expansions Courtesy of Increasing Temperatures

Responses of Two Birch Species to Elevated CO2 and Soil Moisture

Coral Reef Diversity and Global Change

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Defoliation on Maple and Aspen

Effects of CO2 on Microbial Community Structure