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Arctic Temperature Variability (Late Holocene)

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Temperature Trends (Regional: Arctic, Late Holocene)
Arctic Temperature Variability (Late Holocene)

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* -- Ozone-depleting Substances are Responsible for Half of Arctic Warming since 1955

* -- Observed Rates of Arctic Warming Fail to Validate Model-based Projections

* -- Northern Scandinavian Temperatures: It's a Whole New Ball Game

* -- Global Warming Fosters High-Latitude Cooling???

* -- Eurasian Arctic Temperatures of the Past 115 Years

* -- The Atlantic-Arctic Boundary Air Temperature

* -- Arctic Warming "Then and Now"

* -- A Little More on the History of Climate Change in the Arctic

* -- A Brief History of Climate Change in the Arctic

* -- The North American Summer Arctic Front

* -- The Glacial Climate of Ammassalik Island, Greenland

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