How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Copenhagen Climate Concerns: Science

"Settled" Science
: The only parts that are settled are those the world's climate alarmists would rather you didn't know.









The Science is Not Settled
: If you forgive our hyperbole, a greater truth was never spoken.









Missing Science at Copenhagen
: Why is the good news not shouted from the rooftops?









Assessing model projections
: Real-world data suggest their projections of warming are much too high.









Could all the models be wrong?
: Of course they could, as a single common error would seal the deal.









Did the rise in CO2 cause the modern increase in temperature?
: There is no compelling reason to believe it did.









Is a warm climate good?
: It is not only good, it is actually better than its opposite.









Negative Feedbacks Dominate the Climate System
: If it were not so, we would not be here.









No warming of the past decade?
: That is correct; and it is disturbing to the world's climate alarmists.









Climate Change in Copenhagen
: Doom and gloom pervade an international meeting of climate alarmists earlier this year in this famed city.









Manís Carbon Footprints on the Big Blue Marble
: Are they fueling a climate catastrophe?









Copenhagen in a Nutshell
: Great pain, but no gain.









Earth's Ever-Changing Climate
: Nothing could be more natural, including the present.









The Essence of Copenhagen
: A setback for science.









Is CO2 a pollutant?
: By no means. In fact, it is the breath of life.









Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Interglacial Warmth
: Does more of the former lead to more of the latter?









Carbon Dioxide: The Breath of Life
: Hear the testimony and see the results of the man who breathed life into plants.