How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Copenhagen Climate Concerns: The IPCC

Who is behind the IPCC movement?
: Trans-nationalist "citizens of the planet" comprise the primary force that energizes the IPCC.









The IPCC Assessment Report Process
: Hundreds of researchers produce a massive scientific document that ultimately becomes a political statement by the time its summary is produced.









The Bias of the IPCC
: The IPCC was created to promote a specific policy; and it works in such a way as to comply with that directive.









The IPCC and its "Correct" Conclusions
: Money and political clout determine the organization's objectives and conclusions.









The IPCC Assessments: Statements of Faith
: In lieu of adequate facts, and actually ignoring some contrary ones, a predetermined faith guides all aspects of the IPCC's operations.









Vulnerability to the IPCC Message
: It's difficult for the "man on the street" to stand up to scientific intimidation.