How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Copenhagen Climate Concerns: CO2 Regulation

CO2 Regulation

What is Cap and Trade?
: It is a means of transferring wealth from "you" to "them."









Cap and Trade: Gaming the System
: The possibilities are limitless.









Gaming the System: Private and Public Companies
: They're already lining up at the subsidy watering trough.









California: Not the Model for Our Nation to Follow
: Unless, of course, we have an economic death wish!









What is the regulation of CO2 all about?
: It is about the taking of power from the people and vesting it in the enlightened few.









Waxman/Markey Amendments Reveal True Cost of CO2 regulation
: Five-dollar-a-gallon gas, doubled electric rates, and 15% unemployment may be only the beginning of the cost of Cap and Trade.









What happens if the US signs a COP treaty to regulate CO2?
: Whereas other countries will have "wiggle room" to preclude strict adherence to stated objectives, we will have none; and we will suffer the economic consequences.









Once enacted, how difficult is it to remove regulation policies?
: It's like trying to put the genie back in the bottle.









Is the "cure" worse than the "disease"?
: When the magnitude of the undertaking is fully appreciated, the odds are that it is.









Bureaucratic Accountability to No One
: It's essentially already here; and it's only going to get worse if the Copenhagen Crowd gets its way.









No Copenhagen Agreement Without Support of LDCs
: Anything less would be an exercise in futility.









A global enforcement mechanism at COP 15?
: Let's all insure our economic destruction!