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War and Social Unrest

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War and Social Unrest

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* -- Testing for a Temperature Effect on Homicides in New York and London

* -- A 4000-Year Record of Climate and War in China

* -- A Long-Term Record of Climate and Human Epidemics in China

* -- Past Warm Periods in China Helped to Sustain Dynastic Wellbeing

* -- Do Negative Climate Impacts on Food Production Lead to Violence?

* -- A Two-Millennia Relationship Between Climate and Economic Data

* -- Two Millennia of Climate Change & the Fiscal Well-Being of China

* -- Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is It Driven by Climate Change?

* -- War and Peace in China: The Roles of Drought and Sweet Potatoes

* -- Cold-Climate Crises

* -- Climate-Related Disasters and Social Unrest

* -- Global Warming: Does It Promote or Hinder Peace?

* -- Climate Variability and Civil Strife

* -- Climate Change and Armed Civil Conflict

* -- Land-Use Conflicts in the African Sahel

* -- Warmth and Peace in the Roman Classical Period

* -- Hot Times on the Tibetan Plateau

* -- Climate Change and Large-Scale Human Crises

* -- Pre-Industrial Climate Change and Human Population

* -- Two-and-a-Half Millennia of European Climate Variability and Societal Responses

* -- Two Millennia of Environmental-Disaster-Induced Wars in China

* -- Conflict and Climate Change in the Tropical Pacific

* -- War and Peace ... and Climate Change

* -- Climate Change and the Human Condition

Give Peace a Chance: Turn Up the Heat!

* -- Will Farming Destroy Wild Nature?

Drought and War in Old Mexico

Little Ice Age vs. Modern Warm Period: An African Perspective

Give Peace a Chance by Giving Plants a Chance