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Solar Influence on Climate (Temperature: Asia)

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Solar Influence on Climate (Temperature: Asia)

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* -- Two Thousand Years of Solar Forcing of Chinese Temperatures

* -- Late-Holocene Solar Variability and Its Impact on Climate in Korea

* -- A 2,000-Year History of Temperature and Precipitation on the Central Tibetan Plateau

* -- Two Millennia of Climate Change on the Northern Tibetan Plateau

* -- Fifteen Millennia of Climate Change in the Middle Reaches of China's Yangtze Rive

An Eighteen-Hundred-Year Climate Record from China

Cherry Blossoms and Climate Change in Kyoto

Solar Forcing of Temperature on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

The Northeast Tibetan Plateau's Medieval Warm Period

Decadal Temperature Variations at Lake Qinghai on the Tibetan Plateau

An 800-Year Temperature History of Southern Siberia

Six Thousand Years of Climate Change in China

Millennial-Scale Climate Cycling in North-Central China

Two Millennia of Japanese Temperature Fluctuations

A Pair of Two-Millennia-Long Climatic Records

800 Years of Siberian Climate

East Asia and North Atlantic Climates of the Past Two Millennia: What Links Them?

Is the Global Warming Bubble About to Burst?

Climate Cycles in China as Revealed by a Stalagmite from Buddha Cave

More Evidence for the Global Extent of Solar-Induced Millennial-Scale Oscillations of Climate

A New Temperature History from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Climate Change in the Asian Subarctic

Six Thousand Years of Chinese Climate