How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Rapid Climate Change (Temperature Effects)

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Abrupt Climate Change (Temperature Effects)
Climate Change -- Rapid Change (Temperature Effects)
Rapid Climate Change (Temperature Effects)

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* -- Determining the Effects of Warming in Size-Structured Ecosystems

* -- Abrupt Climate Change

* -- The Origin of Past (and Future?) Abrupt Climate Changes

* -- A New Ice Core from North Greenland

* -- The Climatic Consequence of a CO2-Induced Freshening of the North Atlantic Ocean

* -- Will CO2-Induced Global Warming Slow the Atlantic Branch of the Ocean's Thermohaline Circulation?

* -- Will Freshening of the North Atlantic Ocean Slow the Gulf Stream and Cool Europe?

Abrupt Climate Change: Not on the Human-Induced Agenda

Rapid Climate Changes

Glacials and Interglacials: What They Can Tell Us About Potential Global Warming

Earth's Thermohaline Circulation and Abrupt Climate Change

Abrupt Climate Warming: A Characteristic of Glacial Periods

Global Warmth: A Proven Protection Against Large and Rapid Climate Changes

The Variable Energy Output of the Sun Appears to Be the Major Determinant of Decadal- to Millennial-Scale Global Climate Change

Climate Variability in Spain Over the Past Millennium

Climate Variability Over the Past Hundred Millennia

Sound the Alarm Bells!

Millennial-Scale Climate Oscillations in the North Atlantic

Persistent Millennial-Scale Climate Oscillations