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Potential Inaccuracies in Temperature Trends

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Temperature Trends (Potential Inaccuracies)

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* -- An About-face on the Impact of Landcover Change on Historic Temperatures

* -- The Impact of the Urban Heat Island on Temperature in Manchester, UK

* -- Tree-ring Temperature Reconstructions May have Masked Prior Warmth

* -- The Progressive Increase of the Urban Heat Islandís Influence on Temperature Records

Local to Regional Climatic Effects of Deforestation

* -- A Warming Bias in the U.S. Temperature Record???

Tree-Based Climate Reconstructions in CO2-Accreting Air

Vegetation, Climate and CO2: Their Intertwined Relationship

* -- Is the Upper Ocean Warming?

The "Divergence Problem" in Tree-Ring Reconstructions of Temperature

Non-Greenhouse-Gas Anthropogenic Influences on Near-Surface Air Temperatures

Different Ways of Characterizing Global Temperature Change

The Significance of Long-Term-Persistence in Surface Air Temperature Data

Land Use Changes and Surface Warming in Eastern China

The Pre-Observational Mean Temperature of Tachlovice, Czech Republic

Effects of Land Cover Change on Climate

* -- The 13 May 2003 Testimony of Dr. John Christy Before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Resources

* -- Splitting Hairs with a Hatchet: Climate Model Not Up to Task of Determining Real-World Tropospheric Temperature Trend

* -- More Reasons to Question the Veracity of the Global Surface Air Temperature Record

Unsuspected Urban-Induced Warming

Temperature Reconstructions Based on Plant-Climate Interactions Are Inaccurate If Atmospheric CO2 Varied Over the Period of Reconstruction

Standard Shelters or Boreholes: Which Provides a Better Record of Earth's Surface Air Temperature History? The Portugal Story

Palaeoclimate Histories May Need Some Adjustments

* -- Two Types of Tree-Ring Response to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Their Implications for Reconstructing Past Trends in Earth's Surface Air Temperature

* -- There Has Been No Global Warming for the Past 70 Years

* -- The Global Surface Air Temperature Record Must Be Wrong