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Ice Sheets (Antarctica)

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Ice (Ice Sheets: Antarctica)

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* -- Weaknesses in Our Knowledge of Land-Ice/Sea-Level Interactions

* -- A Shifting of Paradigms in the Study of Ice-Sheet Grounding Lines

* -- Science vs. Gore on Polar Ice Wastage and Sea Level Change

* -- Assessing Antarctica's Ice Mass Balance Via Measurements of Time-Variable Gravity from Satellites ... Again

* -- A Fifty-Year Reconstruction of Antarctic Snowfall

* -- The Future of the West Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets

* -- A Brief Synopsis of Ice Sheet Dynamics

* -- Has the "Unprecedented Warming" of the Last Century Had Any Effect on West Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics?

* -- A Pitiable Ploy to Promote the Kyoto Protocol: The Predicted Disintegration of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

* -- What Is the Likelihood of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapsing Sometime Soon?

Breakup of Small Antarctic Ice Shelves Is Not Evidence of Anthropogenic Climate Change

Are Climate Models Up to the Challenge Required of Them?

The Thinning of West Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier: How Serious Is It?

Dramatic Changes in Climate Model Predictions of Sea Level Rise Due to CO2-Induced Global Warming

Simulated Climate Change on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet

Will Global Warming Raise or Lower Global Sea Level?

Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: An Assessment of Yearly Ice Accumulation

Still Melting After All These Years

Ice Stream Movement in West Antarctica

Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Basal Melting of a West Antarctic Glacier