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Forests (Growth Rates of Old vs. Young Trees)

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Forests (Old)
Trees (Old)
Trees (Forests: Old)


* -- Modern Growth Trends of an Old-Growth Larch Forest in the Swiss Alps

* -- Old-growth Forests of Southern Chile are Experiencing Large and Unexpected Increases in Growth and Water Use Efficiency

* -- Old Growth Forests Still Socking Away Carbon and Nitrogen

* -- Sessile Oak: A Tree for All Seasons

* -- Aging Japanese Cedar Plantations Still Sucking CO2 Out of the Air

Old Growth Forests of Northeast China

The Carbon Sink of an Old-Growth Forest in China

Amazon Forest Dynamics

Old-Growth Forests of Tropical Africa

The Amazing Amazon Rainforest

Old Trees Growing in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

The Carbon-Sequestering Status of Old-Growth Forests

The Carbon Balance of Old-Growth Forests

Soil Organic Carbon in Old-Growth Forests

Update on Tropical Forest Productivity

Tropical Forest Productivity Trajectories

Continued Accelerated Growth of Amazonian Forests

Forest Growth Rates

Old Aspen Forest Not Feeling Its Age

Old-Growth Forests: Can They Still Sequester Significant Amounts of Carbon?

Photosynthesis in Second-Generation Pine Trees Grown in Air of Elevated CO2 Concentration

"It's Never Too Late" to "Live Long and Prosper"

The Longevity of Amazonian Rainforest Trees

The Sustainability of Carbon Sequestration by Earth's Forests in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

Will Forest Carbon Sink Capacity Fade Away as Trees Age?

Biospheric Carbon Sequestration: Does It Really Work?

Old Trees in Ancient Forests