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Little Ice Age (Europe: Central)

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Little Ice Age (Europe: Central)

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- A 2000-Year Temperature History of the Mountainous West Eifel Volcanic Field of Germany

* -- The Medieval Climate of the Atlantic Coast of France

* -- Fifteen Hundred Years of Climatic Oscillations in Southern Poland

* -- Holocene Glaciers of the European Alps

* -- Summer Temperatures in the Northern French Alps

* -- Prior Warm Periods at Austria's Lake Oberer Landschitzsee

9000 Years of Central European Winter Temperatures

Surface and Bottom Water Temperatures of the North Atlantic Current off the Coast of Europe

A 1250-Year History of Summer Temperature in the European Alps

Holocene History of Glacial Activity in the Swiss Alps

Rhone River Flood Deposits in Lake Le Bourget

3500 Years of West-Central European Climate History

Reconstructing Summer Temperatures in Central Europe

The Medieval Warm Period in the Central Alps of Austria

The Roman and Medieval Warm Periods in Georgia

A 1500-Year Climate History of the Carpathian Basin

The "Beginning of the End" of the Little Ice Age: The Serin Speaks

The Climate History of the Holocene as Recorded in German Stalagmites

The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in the Czech Republic: Borehole Evidence

The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in Switzerland