How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Agriculture (Feeding the World)

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Agriculture (Feeding the World)

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- A Serious Downside to Reducing CO2 Emissions

* -- A Six-Decade Analysis of Growing Season Temperature Change in Illinois

* -- How to Feed the Planet and Its Additional 1.5 Billion Persons 30 Years from Now

* -- Do Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policies Compromise Food Security?

* -- The Impact of Reduced CO2 Concentrations on Agriculture

* -- Projections of Future Spring Wheat Yields on the Canadian Prairies

* -- Past and Projected Climate Change Effects on China's Major Crops

* -- Helping Feed the Future World: Earthworms in CO2-Enriched Air

* -- Global Warming and World Food Security

* -- Assessing Possible Climate Change Impacts on Chinese Food Supply

* -- Assessing Future Rice Yields in China

* -- Crop Breeding for High Production, Water Use Efficiency & Albedo

* -- The Virtual Water Content of Chinese Crops

* -- High-Yielding Rice Cultivar Does Even Better in CO2-Enriched Air

* -- Central Asia Wheat Production in Two Climate Change Scenarios

* -- Climate Change Impacts on Wheat Production in Central Asia

* -- The Future of Wheat Production on the North China Plain

* -- Effects of Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Warming on Rice Growth

* -- Winter Wheat Yields in a Warmer Yangtze Delta Plain of China

* -- Field-Scale Impacts of Elevated CO2 on the World's Major Crops

* -- Expanding the Biosphere's Limits to Growth

* -- Maintaining Australian Pasture Production in a Warming World

* -- Carbon Dioxide and Cassava: Feeding the World's Undernourished

* -- Farmer Response to Projected Climate Change in Northern Norway

* -- Rising Temperatures and Corn Production in Northeast China

* -- Extreme Low-Temperature Events During Northeast China's Warm Season

* -- Farm and Range Management to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change

* -- To What Do We Owe the Origin of Agriculture?

* -- Meeting the Food Needs of a Growing World Population

* -- Is There a Need for a More Sustainable Agriculture?

* -- The Future of North American Wheat Production

* -- The Prospects for Increased Pigeon Pea Production in India

* -- Surviving the Perfect Storm

* -- The Changing Climate of Canada: Implications for Agriculture

* -- Feeding the Future World

* -- The Future of Rice Production in China

* -- Low-Tech CO2 Enrichment for Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Chinese Agriculture to the End of the 21st Century

Selecting Rice Varieties of the Future

Super Rice to Match Super Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Optimizing Crop Yield Responses to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Varietal Responses of Crops to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Wheat Production in a Warming World

The Debt We Owe to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Effect of Elevated CO2 on Lodging in Rice

Spring Barley Production in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer Central Europe

Climate-Mediated Changes in 20th-Century Argentina Agriculture

A Half-Century Forward Look at Agricultural Production in Canada's Atlantic Provinces

The Agroclimate of Alberta, Canada

Central U.S. Agricultural Productivity: 1972-2001

Chinese Agricultural Productivity in a Warmer, Wetter World

Global Warming and Extreme Weather: Impacts on Agriculture (Italy)

Little Ice Age vs. Modern Warm Period: An African Perspective