Learn how plants respond to higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations

How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 15 Number 39:  26 September 2012

Direct Anthropogenic Threats to Malaysian Corals: They make the largely hypothetical threats of CO2-induced climate change and ocean acidification pale in comparison.

Subject Index Summary
Starch: As the air's CO2 content continues to rise, nearly all of Earth's vegetation will respond by exhibiting enhanced rates of photosynthesis and greater production of carbohydrates. Many of these carbohydrates will be exported from leaves to ultimately provide energy or carbon skeletons to facilitate increased biomass production. After these needs have been met, any remaining carbohydrates are generally converted into starch and stored within leaves or roots for future use; and the rising CO2 content of the air acts to enhance that phenomenon.

Journal Reviews
The Mass Balance of the Karakoram Glaciers: What has it been doing over the past three decades?

The Holocene Climate of the North Atlantic Region: What does it reveal about the Dark Ages Cold Period, the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age? ... and what do those things imply about the nature of 20th century global warming?

Northern Scandinavian Summer Temperatures of the Past Two Millennia: How does the level of 20th-century warmth compare with that of earlier warm periods?

Coping with Heat Waves and Droughts in a Future Warmer World: Are earth's plants up to the task of surviving what climate alarmists are predicting for them?

The Greening at the Forest-Tundra Ecotone in Subarctic Quebec: How has it progressed over the past half-century?

Warming Enhances Reproduction of Intertidal New Zealand Crabs: How so? A new study describes a number of different ways the enhancement is accomplished.

Ocean Acidification Database
The latest addition of peer-reviewed data archived to our database of marine organism responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment is Marine Copepod [Acartia pacifica]. To access the entire database, click here.