Learn how plants respond to higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations

How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 13 Number 50:  15 December 2010

The Environmental Ethics of Biofuels: Simply stated, they're all bad.

Journal Reviews
The Atlantic-Arctic Boundary Air Temperature: How has it varied over the past two centuries?

A Two-Thousand-Year Temperature History of the Extra-Tropical Northern Hemisphere: What does it tell us about the planet's current level of warmth?

The Medieval Warm Period in the Sargasso Sea: We review, for the first time, the classic 1996 Science paper of Lloyd Keigwin.

Not All Ecosystems Respond Dramatically to Rising Temperatures: In fact, some of them are downright stubborn in this regard.

Elevated Ozone Concentrations Negatively Impact Forest Growth: ... and in dramatic fashion!

Effects of Ozone on Soybean Yields: What are they? ... what is the outlook for the future? ... and what can we do about it?

Medieval Warm Period Project
This issue's Medieval Warm Period Record comes from Southern Sierra Nevada, California, USA.

Ocean Acidification Project
The latest addition of peer-reviewed data archived to our database of marine organism responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment is Porites [Porites sp.]. To access the entire database, click here.