Photosynthesis (Net CO2 Exchange Rate) References
Larix kaempferi Carr. [Japanses Larch]

Eguchi, N., Fukatsu, E., Funada, R., Tobita, H., Kitao, M., Maruyama, Y. and Koike, T.  2004.  Changes in morphology, anatomy, and photosynthetic capacity of needles of Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi) seedlings grown in high CO2 concentrations.  Photosynthetica 42: 173-178.

Yazaki, K., Ishida, S., Kawagishi, T., Fukatsu, E., Maruyama, Y., Kitao, M., Tobita, H., Koike, T. and Funada, R.  2004.  Effect of elevated CO2 concentration on growth, annual ring structure and photosynthesis in Larix kaempferi seedlings.  Tree Physiology 24: 951-959.

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