Photosynthesis (Net CO2 Exchange Rate) References
Pasture [Lolium perenne L. (Perennial Ryegrass), Trifolium repens L. (White Clover), Poa pratensis L. (Kentucky Bluegrass), Cynosurus cristatus L. (Crested Dogstailgrass), Agrostis capillaris L. (Colonial Bentgrass), Anthoxanthum odoratum L. (Sweet Vernalgrass), Paspalum dilatatum Poir. (Dallas Grass), Plantago lanceolata L. (Narrowleaf Plantain)]

Newton, P.C.D., Clark, H., Bell, C.C. and Glasgow, E.M.  1996.  Interaction of soil moisture and elevated CO2 on the above-ground growth rate, root length density and gas exchange of turves from temperate pasture.  Journal of Experimental Botany 47: 771-779.

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