Percent Dry Weight (Biomass) Increases for
300, 600 and 900 ppm Increases in the Air's CO2 Concentration:

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Solidago canadensis L. [Canadian Goldenrod]

300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm
 Number of Results
 Arithmetic Mean
 Standard Error

Individual Experiment Results

Journal References

Experimental Conditions
300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm

Garten Jr. et al. (2008)

Open-top chamber study of plants grown from the seedling stage to maturity together with six other old-field species typical of the area (Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA) over three consecutive growing seasons



Sanders et al. (2004)

FACE study of goldenrod plants that growing together competitively with four other plant species comprise more than 90% of the biomass of the understory of a closed-canopy sweetgum plantation



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