Dry Weight (Biomass) References
Salix jiangsuensis [Willow]

Guo, B., Dai, S., Wang, R., Guo, J., Ding, Y. and Xu, Y. 2015. Combined effects of elevated CO2 and Cd-contaminated soil on the growth, gas exchange, antioxidant defense, and Cd accumulation of poplars and willows. Environmental and Experimental Botany 115: 1-10.

Wang, R., Dai, S., Tang, S., Tian, S., Song, Z., Deng, X., Ding, Y., Zou, X., Zhao, Y. and Smith, D.L. 2012. Growth, gas exchange, root morphology and cadmium uptake responses of poplars and willows grown on cadmium-contaminated soil to elevated CO2. Environmental Earth Sciences 67: 1-13.

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