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Estanya Gran Lake, Pre-Pyrenees, Spain
Riera, S., Wansard, G. and Julia, R. 2004. 2000-year environmental history of a karstic lake in the Mediterranean Pre-Pyrenees: the Estanya lakes (Spain). Catena 55: 293-324.

Working with a sediment core retrieved from Estanya Gran Lake (4202'N, 032'E) at mid-altitude in the Pre-Pyrenees, the authors employed sediment and biotic data, plus well-known historical events, to develop "a reliable history of environmental changes in this area during the last 2000 years." This work revealed that the period AD 1220-1360, which they describe as "being related to the Medieval Warm Period," was "the driest period recorded in the sequence." Conversely, they report that a high-water level that reached its maximum in AD 1550 coincided with "the first episode of the Little Ice Age."