How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Eastern Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula
Khim, B.-K., Yoon, H.I., Kang, C.Y. and Bahk, J.J.  2002.  Unstable climate oscillations during the Late Holocene in the Eastern Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula.  Quaternary Research 58: 234-245.

General climatic features were inferred from a study of the grain size, total organic carbon content, biogenic silica content and, most importantly, magnetic susceptibility of 210Pb- and 14C-dated sediments retrieved from the eastern Bransfield Basin (6158.9'S, 5557.4'W) just off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.  Most of the Medieval Warm Period (AD 1050-1550) was warmer than the Current Warm Period.