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Recent Runoff Trends of Major World Rivers
Walling, D.E. and Fang, D.  2003.  Recent trends in the suspended sediment loads of the world's rivers.  Global and Planetary Change 39: 111-126.

One of the primary predictions of climate alarmists is that global warming will lead to an enhancement of the planet's hydrologic cycle that will increase river runoff around the world.  They also proclaim that the global warming of the past quarter-century has been unprecedented over the past one to two millennia.  Consequently, analyses of river runoff records for this period of time would be expected to provide evidence for the validity of these claims ... but only, of course, if they are true.

What was done
In a study of recent trends (mostly 25 years) of the suspended sediment loads of 145 of the world's major rivers, the authors analyzed the concurrent runoff records of the rivers.

What was learned
Of the 145 rivers studied, the vast majority of them (100) displayed stable runoff values, in contradiction of what is typically predicted by climate alarmists; while of the 45 rivers that did exhibit changes, the vast majority of them (32) experienced decreasing runoff values, also in contradiction of what is typically predicted by climate alarmists.

What it means
The world of nature, i.e., the real world, does not appear to be operating as predicted by the theoretical climate models that are being used by certain interests to bully the nations of the earth into accepting unnecessary regulations designed to force reductions in the burning of fossil fuels that are needed to produce the energy the people of the planet both desire and require.

Reviewed 24 December 2003