How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on the Growth of Two Species of Marine Macroalgae
Gao, K., Aruga, Y., Asada, K. and Kiyohara, M.  1993.  Influence of enhanced CO2 on growth and photosynthesis of the red algae Gracilaria sp. and G. chilensisJournal of Applied Phycology 5: 563-571.

What was done
The authors grew cultures of the red algae Gracilaria sp. and G. chilensis in the laboratory in vessels enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus that were continuously aerated with normal air of 350 ppm CO2, air enriched with an extra 650 ppm CO2, and air enriched with an extra 1250 ppm CO2 for a period of 19 days.

What was learned
Compared to the control treatments, the relative growth enhancements in the + 650-ppm and +1250-ppm CO2 treatments were 20% and 60%, respectively, for G. chilensis, and 130% and 190%, respectively, for Gracilaria sp.

What it means
The authors say their study "suggests that, in their natural habitats or cultivation sites, photosynthesis and growth of Gracilaria species are likely to be CO2-limited, especially when the population density is high and water movement is slow."  Hence, as the air's CO2 content continues to rise, these marine marcoalgae should grow ever better in the years ahead.  Such should also be the situation with respect to most other macroalgae, for the authors note that "photosynthesis by most macroalgae is probably limited by inorganic carbon sources in natural seawater," citing the studies of Surif and Raven (1989), Maberly (1990), Gao et al. (1991) and Levavasseur et al. (1991) as evidence for this statement.

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Reviewed 13 August 2003