How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Effects of Elevated CO2 on Photosynthesis in two CAM Plants
Lootens, P. and Heursel, J.  1998.  Irradiance, temperature, and carbon dioxide enrichment affect photosynthesis in Phalaenopsis hybrids.  HortScience 33: 1183-1185.

What was done
The authors grew two different three-month-old Phalaenopsis hybrids in controlled greenhouses under different combinations of light, temperature and CO2 (either 380 or 950 ppm for one week) to determine the optimum growth conditions for these tropical CAM plants.

What was learned
On average, hybrids exposed to 950 ppm CO2 exhibited a daily CO2 uptake that was 82% greater than that measured for plants grown at 380 ppm, indicating that elevated CO2 enhances photosynthesis in these CAM plants.

What it means
As the CO2 content of the air rises, CAM species, such as these Phalaenopsis hybrids, will likely display increases in photosynthesis that presumably will also lead to increases in growth.

Reviewed 15 March 1999