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Higher-Than-Present Relict Treelines in the Western United States

Paper Reviewed
Carrara, P.E. and McGeehin, J.P. 2015. Evidence of a higher late-Holocene treeline along the Continental Divide in central Colorado. The Holocene 25: 1829-1837.

In a recent treeline study from central Colorado, Carrara and McGeehin (2015) employed a combination of 23 radiocarbon ages and annual ring counts from 18 Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) remnants found above the local present-day limits of such trees near the Continental Divide in central Colorado, which work revealed that the majority of the tree remnants "were established above the present-day limit of bristlecone pine from prior to 2700 cal. years BP to no later than about 1200 cal. years BP."

Other such evidence for the occurrence of warmer-than-current temperatures in the mid to late Holocene in the western United States has also been found and described in a number of other studies cited by Carrara and McGeehin, namely, those of LaMarche and Mooney (1967), LaMarche and Mooney (1972), LaMarche (1973), Petersen and Mehringer (1976), Scuderi (1987), Carrara et al. (1992), Fall (1997), Lloyd and Graumlich (1997), Doerner (2007), Benedict et al. (2008), Carrara (2011), Madole (2012), Lee and Benedict (2012), Lee et al. (2014) and Morgan et al. (2014).

Clearly, therefore, there exists a wealth of real-world data from the western United States that testifies of the fact that there is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about that region's current mean yearly maximum and minimum temperatures, which further suggests that the same is likely to be the case for the rest of the country ... and maybe even the rest of the world.

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Posted 7 March 2016