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A Century of Rainfall Trends Over Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Paper Reviewed
Rani, B.A., Manikandan, N. and Maragatham, N. 2014. Trend analysis of rainfall and frequency of rainy days over Coimbatore. Mausam 65: 379-384.

Noting that "past studies related to changes in rainfall over India have concluded that there is no clear trend in average annual rainfall over the country," citing Thapliyal and Kulshreshtha (1991) and Kumar et al. (2010), the research team of Rani et al. (2014) analyzed daily rainfall data that had been collected at the Agro Climate Research Centre of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University at Coimbatore, India, for the 106-year period of 1907-2012. And what did they find?

The three researchers say their results showed there was "no change in long-term monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall and frequency of rain days" and that "there is no significant trend in the annual and seasonal rainfall totals." This being the case, they also say "it can be concluded that there is no climate change observed over Combatore."

Kumar, V., Jain, S.K. and Singh, Y. 2010. Analysis of long-term rainfall trends in India. Hydrological Sciences Journal 55: 484-496.

Thapliyal, V. and Kulshreshtha, S.M. 1991. Climate changes and trends over India. Mausam 42: 333-338.

Posted 6 January 2015