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Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics: The Dawning of a New Reality

Paper Reviewed
De Meester, L. and Pantel, J. 2014. Eco-evolutionary dynamics in freshwater systems. Journal of Limnology 73: 193-200.

In an intriguing article published in the Journal of Limnology, De Meester and Pantel (2014) write that "growing evidence suggests that ecological and evolutionary dynamics can occur at the same temporal and spatial scales," citing Hendry and Kinnison (1999) and Hairston et al. (2005). And they say this implies "there is potential for a wide range of interactions between ecological and evolutionary processes," additionally citing Thompson (2005) and Schoener (2011), while noting that "evolutionary change may potentially influence population (Pelletier et al., 2009), community (Urban et al., 2008) and ecosystem dynamics (Fussmann et al., 2007; Matthews et al., 2011), but warning that "ignoring these interactions can distort our predictions of biological responses to human impact," additionally pointing us towards the studies of Olsen et al. (2004), Cheptou et al. (2008), De Meester et al. (2011) and Urban et al. (2012).

In further commentary on the subject, the two Belgian researchers state that "eco-evolutionary dynamics can explain substantial portions of biological systems that the study of ecology or evolution in isolation cannot," and they note that "this increased understanding has important practical benefits, for instance in predicting changes in community and ecosystem properties or responses to anthropogenic environmental change."

Summing things up near the end of their discussion of eco-evolutionary dynamics, De Meester and Pantel say "the overall message from this brief account is that there is ample evidence for evolutionary changes occurring in the same time span as ecological change and that the potential of these evolutionary changes to feedback on the dynamics and nature of ecological processes is substantial," as we can also attest to be the case, having reviewed for our website a host of such studies that provide incontrovertible evidence for this association in real-world situations dealing with both anthropogenic-induced changes in climate and ocean acidification.

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Posted 1 December 2014