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Solar Influence on Climate (Irradiance Measurements)

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Solar Influence on Climate (Irradiance Measurements)

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* -- Flirting with Solar Causes of Climate Change

A New History of Total Solar Irradiance Since AD 1700

Solar Variability and Earth's Climate

The Role of the Sun in Global Climate Change

Sun's Fingerprints Seen in Northern Hemispheric Temperature Record of Past Four Centuries

Did Increasing Solar Activity Drive 20th-Century Global Warming?

Solar-Induced Warming Over the 20th Century

Solar Irradiance and Arctic Temperatures

Variability of Insolation at Earth's Surface: The Other Sun-Climate Connection

The Omnipresent Eleven-Year Solar Cycle in Tropospheric Temperature Data

Errors in Solar Activity and Terrestrial Climate Data

Slow Variations in Solar Luminosity

A 1200-Year History of Total Solar Irradiance

Solar Activity and Climate Change Over the 20th Century

The Search for Trends in Total Solar Irradiance

Earth's Temperature Response to Variations in Solar Irradiance

Solar Forcing of Climate: Is It Significant?

A 1,000-Year History of Sunspot Numbers

Solar Radius Variations and Climate Change on Earth

Solar Influences on Holocene Climate

Ruminations on a Solar-Climate Link

More Evidence for a Solar-Climate Link

There isn't a Human Influence on Climate