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Streamflow (Recent Trends: North America)

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Hydrologic Cycle (Streamflow: Recent Trends - North America)
Streamflow (Recent Trends: North America)

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* -- No Evidence of an Anthropogenic Influence on Floods

* -- A 1951-2009 History of Conterminous U.S. Streamflow

* -- Global Warming Not Influencing Annual Streamflow Trends in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States

* -- Four Centuries of Reconstructed Streamflow Data for a Utah River

* -- Six Decades of River Flows in the U.S. Northern Rocky Mountains

* -- 20th-Century Streamflow Changes in the Susquehanna River Basin

* -- Woody Plant Encroachment and Groundwater Recharge

* -- Water Balance of the Great Lakes of North America

* -- 20th-Century Streamflow in Canada's Winnipeg River Basin

The Water Status of the Canadian Prairie Provinces

Lowest Flows and Largest Floods of Minnesota (USA) Rivers

Minnesota (USA) Streamflow Characteristics

Timing of Snowmelt Runoff in the Western United States

Recent Trends in Northern Canada River Discharge Rates

20th-Century North American Streamflow Trends

United States Moisture Conditions Over the Past Century

Precipitation and Streamflow in the Rio Puerco Basin of New Mexico: The Past 50 Years

Soil Erosion Rates in the Upper Mississippi River Valley

Streamflow Trends in the United States