How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Recent Temperature Trends

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Climate History (Recent Temperature Trends)
Temperature Trends (Recent)

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More Support for a Global Warming Hiatus

More Evidence of the Great 21st Century Warming Pause

Six Decades of Temperature and Precipitation in Kentucky

1900-2012 Warming of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California

Recent Warming of the Antarctic Peninsula

Global Warming Fosters High-Latitude Cooling???

One Hundred Years of Global Temperature Change: 1906-2005

Implications of Seasonally-Frozen Eurasian Soil Temperatures

CO2-Induced Warming or Natural Little Ice Age Demise?

Extremes of Hot and Cold Weather in India

The Unholy Struggle to Curtail Global Warming

The Atlantic-Arctic Boundary Air Temperature

Acknowledging Recent Natural Cooling

A Warming Bias in the U.S. Temperature Record???

Three Decades of Near-Surface and Lower-Troposphere Temperature Measurements

Global Temperatures: Driven by ENSO?

Temperature of North-Central Shaanzi, China, Since AD 1826

The Climatic History of the European North Atlantic Seaboard

Climate Change in Copenhagen

Tree-Based Climate Reconstructions in CO2-Accreting Air

Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Earth's Climate

"Rocky Mountain High"

West Greenland Warming: 1991-2004

Is the Upper Ocean Warming?

Solar-Induced Warming Over the 20th Century

North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures of the Past 150 Years

Tropical Atmospheric Temperature Trends: Simulations vs. Measurements

The Paleoclimatology of Lake Baikal

20th-Century Accelerated Growth of Longleaf Pine Trees: A Belated Review of a Paper Published in 1993

A 119-Year History of Icelandic Sea Surface Temperatures

The Climate of the Karakoram and Hindu Kush Mountains of India

Mediterranean Temperatures and Spring Arrival Dates of Migrating Birds in Spain

Are Humans Driving Earth's Current Temperature Trend?

Solar-Induced Warming Over the 20th Century

Global Warming and El Niņos

Medieval Warm Period vs. Current Warm Period

Urban Heat Islands of Cities in Tropical Mexico

Solar-Powered Millennial-Scale Climatic Change

650 Years of Climate in Lake Erhai, China

Two Hundred Years of Air Temperature Measurements from Northern Ireland

More Insights from Chinese Climate Records

Three Centuries of Climate Change on Canada's Highest Mountain

Little Ice Age vs. Modern Warm Period: An African Perspective

Glacial Changes on a Russian Arctic Island

"The Planet Is Warming Up!"

Climate Change in the Asian Subarctic

A Century of Climate Change in the Central United States

The "Unprecedented" Surface Air Temperature of the Past Decade

Temperature Reconstructions Based on Plant-Climate Interactions Are Inaccurate If Atmospheric CO2 Varied Over the Period of Reconstruction

Standard Shelters or Boreholes: Which Provides a Better Record of Earth's Surface Air Temperature History? The Portugal Story

California Summer: Where Did It Go?

Two Types of Tree-Ring Response to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Their Implications for Reconstructing Past Trends in Earth's Surface Air Temperature

There Has Been No Global Warming for the Past 70 Years

The Global Surface Air Temperature Record Must Be Wrong

Extraordinary Warmth in the 20th Century?

Yes, It Has Warmed Over the Past Five Centuries

It's a Complex World: Part 1

It's a Complex World: Part 2

The Instrumental Surface Air Temperature Record of the Past 150 Years

Earth's Climatic History: The 1990s

Temperatures of the Last Millennium